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                                                    DIOR HAUTE COUTURE

                                                                   DIOR HAUTE COUTURE

                                                              DIOR HAUTE COUTURE

                                  Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2004

The name DIOR is as synonymous with haute couture today, as it was back in 1947, when Christian Dior debuted his first collection. His full- skirted, wasp-waisted dresses and coats were an instant hit not only in Paris but across the globe. English society went mad for Dior, Dior embraced English English traditions, English politeness, english breakfast, English architecture..

1905: Christian Dior was born in Granville France, to a family of prosperous fertiliser manufacturers, family moved to Paris when Christian was five, his childhood home had a lot of influence in is life and style.
1928: Dior opens an Art Gallery in Paris, Galerie Jacques Bonjean, his parents who wanted him to be a Diplomat did not approve but eventually gave him the capital to start his venture.
1937: Dior is employed by couturier Robert Piguet as a 'modeliste' along with Pierre Balmain. His Café Anglais design ( a houndstooth  wool dress with a tight fitting top and full skirt) catches the attention of the fashion press, including Carmel Snow, editor of Harper's Bazaar in the U.S.
1942: After being mobilised for military service in 1939, Dior returns to his family, then joins couturier Lucien Lelong in 1942. Paris couture survives houses survives by dressing Nazi wives.
1946: Dior founds his own couture house.
1947: His first collection is a sensation, revolutionising post war fashion with voluptuous long full skirts, and bust-accentuating jackets. In London he shows a collection privately to the Queen and meets Princess Margaret.
1949: The Princess visits Dior's Couture house in Paris, she visits again in 1951 and her patronage helps the designer become a global name.
1954: The Duchess of Marlborough hosts Dior's Winter Show at Blenheim Palace with Princess Margaret as guest of honour.
1957: Dior dies in Italy aged 52. His legend continues.

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